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  • How early should I arrive for my first class?
    Please arrive 30 minutes early to fill out a waiver, new client info, and go over a movement assessment with a coach!
  • Are your classes for all fitness levels?
    YES! We have new members come in 30 minutes early your first class so we can go over a movement assessment and find your starting point in the gym! We work VERY WELL with beginners! In addition, our workouts provide 3 different variations to accommodate beginner-advanced fitness levels!
  • What can I expect from my first class?
    Our 1 hour class includes a warm up, a strength training focus for the day, a workout focus for the day, accessory work, and mobility….with lots of laughs, encouragement, and conversations between! You will feel like family as soon as you walk through the door!
  • I haven't worked out in YEARS, can I still take your classes?
    Yes, our classes are for ALL fitness levels! We do offer intro sessions if needed. This will allow us to build a strong foundation with your starting point and have a smooth transition into classes. We will decide if this is necessary during your assessment.
  • Is strength training experience required?
    No! Most people that come in do not know how to strength train with proper form! It’s our job to teach you! We enjoy it! We all had to start somewhere! Startyour journey here!
  • How do I book my classes after my trial ends?
    You will book your own classes using the MINDBODY app. A Rebel Team member will set you up with that when you sign up for a membership.
  • How much is personal training?
    It varies depending on how often you come. We will review our pricing over our phone consult!
  • How long is your personal training program?
    It's a 3 month minimum commitment. From there, you can decide to sign up month to month or join our group fitness classes!
  • When is the next round?
    We run 6-week rounds every other month. Sign up for our zero commitment waitlist to get info on the next round.
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