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  • What happened to your 3-month memberships?
    Hey Rebels - We've updated our membership options at the gym and want to keep you in the loop! We will no longer be offering 3 month memberships. We will only be offering 6 month and 12 month membership options. Why? For many good reasons! Here's 3 of them: 1: Being healthy is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. It comes down to first, a shift in your mindset and accepting that exercise is a non-negotiable with your health because of all the benefits that come with it and the numerous health issues that will happen without it. After shifting your mindset, you are then willing to make exercise a priority in your weekly routine whether it's going for a walk or taking one of our classes! In return, this leads to living a healthy lifestyle long-term! This is what we preach day in and day out so we want people coming in with a mindset focused on long-term and sustainable instead of temporary and to avoid the continuous on/off cycle. This is why it is so important that your fitness routine needs to be: -ENJOYABLE so that you will stick with it long-term! -ALIGNS WITH YOUR GOALS so that you're moving with intention and making the most of your time! -CONVENIENT so that it's easy to add exercise into your daily routine! 2: We want to continue to be the gym that creates connections, builds relationships, and transformations! In order for us to make a transformation in your life, we have to connect with you and build a relationship with you first! There is no one size fits all for health, fitness, nutrition, or life! It takes time and energy for us to get to know you, your lifestyle, your personality, your body mechanics, and your habits in the gym. Committing for a longer period of time will create the best results and allow us to create a bigger transformation in your life! 3: We are invested in YOU and want to focus on quality versus quantity. Many group fitness gyms have 20+ people in classes which makes is easy for people to get overlooked, get injured, and feel like they can't "keep up" because they aren't getting the 1:1 help that they need to learn how to move within their own limits! Furthermore, most group fitness gyms do not offer a quality strength training program like ours covering barbell movements unless you're in either a CrossFit gym or a specific strength training gym. Therefore, it requires a lot of 1:1 attention to teach you how to lift properly and for us to ensure that you are moving safely, within your own limits, and with intention. It makes it challenging to make this happen for people who are in and out of our doors so quickly. We want to exchange energies with people who are just as invested into their health as we are! We are proud to have members come in here and stay with us for YEARS! It gives us so much joy watching people evolve on their health/fitness journey and becoming someone who hasn't worked out in months, sometimes YEARS, to working out at least 3x a week consistently and making this a lifestyle! This is the impact that we strive to make and we love having the "Rebel Family" feel! We look forward to continuing to connect, impact, lead, and serve to all of you whose with us and to the new members that join us!
  • How can I receive a free trial at Rebel Strength and Fitness?
    Click hereand a Rebel team member will reach out to book your classes! We look forward to having you!
  • How early should I arrive my first class?
    Please arrive 30 minutes early to fill out a waiver, new client info, and go over a movement assessment with a coach!
  • How do I book classes after that?
    We use the MINDBODY app to book classes and track memberships. A Rebel team member will help you set this up during your free trial!
  • What are your online reservation rules?
    You can book a spot up to a second before class starts. However, we do ask that you cancel at least 2 hours before your scheduled class time so another member can take that spot. We charge a $15 fee for classes that are cancelled less than 2 hours before your reserved class time.
  • What can I expect my first class?
    Be ready to sweat and have fun! Yes, fitness and fun is a thing! Our 1 hour class includes a warm up, a strength training focus for the day, a workout focus for the day, accessory work, and mobility….with lots of laughs, encouragement, and conversations between! You will feel like family as soon as you walk through the door!
  • What are the workouts like?
    It’s a mix of strength training, cardio, HIIT, flexibility, core and more! Our workouts are programmed to make your everyday activities easier, reduce your risk of injury, and get you in the best shape of your life!
  • I haven’t worked out in a LONG TIME, will I be able to do your workouts?"
    YES! Our workouts are for ALL FITNESS LEVELS! Part of why we cap our classes is so that we can help each member out with modifications that fit their needs! It’s our job to help you move the needle forward! You’re in great hands!
  • Is strength training experience required?
    No! Most people that come in do not know how to strength train with proper form! It’s our job to teach you! We enjoy it! We all had to start somewhere! Start your journey here!
  • Where exactly are you located?
    Just south of 14 and Dequindre in the RED RUN INDUSTRIAL PARK. It’s on the east side of Dequindre. Pull into the south entrance and you will see our gym name on our door! If you are coming when it’s dark, we are across the street from HOT WHEEL CITY that is lit up BRIGHT! You can’t miss it!
  • Are your workouts for beginners?
    YES! We work with ALL FITNESS LEVELS!
  • Do you offer personal training?
    We are mainly a group fitness gym but our owner, Stephanie does take on limited personal 1:1 clients. Email her here to set up a free consult.
  • What if I have limitations like a bad knee or shoulder, can I still workout?"
    Yes! You are not alone with your limitations! We cap our classes so we can help each person move within their own limits. We are always willing to modify and accommodate everybody. We will be able to see more of this during your movement assessment.
  • Is your gym dog friendly?
    Our gym is dog-friendly as long as your fur companion is well behaved and doesn't cause disruptions. We ask that let us know prior to bringing them in. We do limit one dog at a time in the space.
  • Are masks required?
    We've updated our COVID-19 protocols to align with the CDC and the State of Michigan's guidelines effective May 17th, 2021. Please view all the COVID-19 protocols here.
  • Can we still choose to wear a mask even if we are fully vaccinated?
    Absolutely! We want you to feel comfortable and we support you!
  • How do you prove that your current members have been vaccinated?
    We sent out a questionairre to our community to identify where each member falls under the new guidelines so we are aware as a team and can keep our community safe.
  • How will you know if new people coming in are vaccinated?
    We have added the following questions to our New Client Questionairre to keep our community safe while following the guidelines. Have you been fully vaccinated? What is the date of your second dose? Can you provide proof if needed?
  • Will the Rebel staff be required to wear masks?
    Our Rebel team will be following the same guidelines and will make individual decisions based on their comfort level.
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