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Dude first remove that xxxxxx.exe file. Its a bootstrap file that has nothing to do with the game at all. It probably came with your ISO. Anyway when you use the GIT it will tell you how to fix it. well the way you look at it if you downloaded the game, then there is no way that there could be a 'bootstrap file' because you just had to have it to start the game. I mean if you had a disc then a bootstrap file would have to be on the disc. i have a cracked version of the game and it is free to play so there is no way there is bootstrap file. and if there is a bootstrap file then i don't know how you could get the game to install I agree with Robert. I have just dl'd and installed the game. You don't need a bootstrap file. Its self contained. The bootstrap file is just to set the variables for the game's DLLs. In a disassembled version of the game it would say that it has to be copied to the same directory as the game. However, when you launch the game from the xxxxxx.exe it runs because it tells the game where to look. It doesn't have to be in the same directory as the game. GTA V installation on the W7PC64 OS, using the newest X86/X64 versions of CKGAL's engine. The readme is from the 2010 version but I think it still works. 1) open the main GTA V install file (It's called GTAVIVsetup.ini)2) Check where you downloaded the game (GTA V has 4 install files, download the first one, that's the GTA V one)3) Download "CKGAL's GtaV Installation Setup" (Theres 2 versions, x64/x86. Download the x86 version, if you're on a 32-bit system and you want to play the game on a 64-bit system (i.e. You're installing on a 64-bit computer but you're trying to play on a 32-bit system)4) When installing you'll have




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PDFMate PDF Converter Pro 1.7.2 Patch [SWEG].rar Setup Free Latest

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